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Dynamic Submission 7.0

Search Engine Compliance 

This page is to answer questions that search engine companies may have regarding this software application.


Search Engine Submission Dynamic Submission 7.0 has been re-designed from the ground up.  The previous version of the application Dynamic Submission 2000 attempted to comply with all the search engine guidelines but it was able to unfortunately not comply with everyone, when certain compliance guidelines from one search engine completely conflicted with another's.

The all-new redesigned interface has a number of features built-in to help you, the search engine company, have a good working relationship with both us and our mutual client (the person using your search engine and our product).

Our new application allows us to comply with search engine guidelines on an individual basis. We cannot disclose how we do this, it is our proprietary secret but here is the information we can tell you on this page.  If you need additional information, please contact us to sign a non-disclosure agreement and we will gladly answer your questions.

Over submitting: The all new application has built in safeguards to try to prevent people from over submitting, The software has a built-in 14 day wait period between submissions.

Automated Submissions: The software uses the same add url page on your site as anyone else uses, The application also attempts to submit submissions between different search engines at the same time so that there is a substantial delay between each add URL going to the same search engine. You receive from our software add requests just as you would from a user manually. In every respect the software mimics a manual submission done by one of your web site visitors ( not to place excessive load on your server ) The only automated thing about the submission is that the questions  on your add url page are answered by a database our client created on his pc when he installed our application.  Each of these questions were manually typed by the user just like they would have been typed on your add URL page.  The software simply passes the information to you site that he typed on his pc.  It then store this information for a future submission, if the client wants to resubmit his site.

By submitting the information to different search engines at the same time, our client can submit his site very quickly and keep a log of the submission process as well as generate reports but you will not see excessive activity because we only connect to you search engine periodically as the submission process is occurring.

Automated Queries: Previously, it was possible for a user of this application to send automated queries to your search engine directly and we addressed this situation. 

You should not see automated queries from this application going directly to your site. The new application's Optimizer simulates results and uses best current practice techniques to tell our client what is wrong with their site without sending a query to your search engine for optimization results.

The new method actually give our client more overall accurate results and allows us to comply with many search engine guidelines.

If there is any compliance issue that you feel needs addressed please send an email to support@dynamicsubmission.com with a subject line of: Compliance Guideline Issue

We will address all and any concerns.  Please understand that previous versions of this application that have already be sold and installed we attempt to have comply when the software is updated.  



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