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Dynamic Submission 7
Select Engines Filtering by Country

In Dynamic Submission, you decide exactly what countries Search Engines you want to be listed in. You can easily select the appropriate engines for your site. Dynamic Submission calls this feature "Search Engine Filtering".

In the example screen snapshot below, you will see that you can filter the search engines listed, the criteria may be narrowed by country, engine type criteria may be included/excluded as well.

Search Engine Criteria may even be selected by the Search Engine's name by scrolling through the list of engines!

New Search Engines are added to Dynamic Submission everyday!

As search engines change their criteria for submission, our expert team of programmers will  modifies the search engine data for Dynamic Submission 2000 automatically.  You will receive these updates free of charge and you may download them at any time off of our website.

Since we are continuously adding / updating and removing search engines from Dynamic Submission 2000, it is impossible to place a complete and up-to-date list on this website.



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