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Dynamic Submission 7.0

How Does It works?


Dyamic Keyword Promoter Dynamic Submission 7.0 is your all-in-one solution to drive visitors to your website. With millions upon millions of web pages on the Internet, competition for web visitors is fierce.  Dynamic Submission is able to bring you up above the competition.  Submit your site to 1000+ Search Engines automatically with this easy to use search engine submission software! This product comes complete with built-in tools to improve your web position/ranking and listing in  Internet search engines & directories.  Our staff works continuously,  making sure our software is the finest in the world.

Dyamic Keyword Promoter But How Does Dynamic Submission 7.0 Work?

Dynamic Submission submits your site to search engines the way the search engine company want you to! It is configured according to the compliance requirements of each search engine to make sure your submissions are accepted.

When you setup Dynamic Submission with your website and your website's URLs, your store information into Dynamic Submission's database located on your PC's hard drive.  After all the information is loaded, the program automatically submits the information you inputted to the search engines add URL page, the same way you would be doing this manually except the process is instantaneous and done as a background task that you never see or need worry about.  The program actually creates a connection from your PC to the search engine, using the information your provided, enters it on the search engine's add URL page with in a second or two. After all the information is entered the program even clicks on the button on the add url page to complete the submission process. 

Dynamic Submission listens to the search engine response to see if the submission was a success or not and displays this information for you. Dynamic Submission is able to resubmit you page automatically on any failed search engine submission.

With a few button clicks, your site will be submitted to over a thousand search engines in a matter of minutes.

Dynamic Submission complies with all search engine compliance guidelines and if you are a search engine company feel free to contact us. (Please see compliance guidelines) We will comply with any and all guidelines, If we cannot, we will remove you from our submission and/or ranking process.

The ranking portion of Dynamic Submission can rank you using the search engine or its own internal simulation of that search engines results. In this way we comply with all the major search engines.

Because we comply, you are purchasing a product that is not banned by any search engine and you know that Dynamic Submission will give you excellent results.

This software even complies with search engines that require a validation code. The software allows you to enter the code, and then completes the submission process.

Dyamic Keyword Promoter Why buy this software if it can be done manually?

Dynamic Submission is a multi-threaded application.  This means it can do more than one thing at a time.  Depending on the version of Dynamic Submission you purchase, it is able to submit 10 or more of your URLs at the same time or one URL to 10 different search engines at the same moment in time.  What would take you to do in 20 hours takes Dynamic Submission only a few seconds to do.

Dynamic Submission also gives you reporting features to tell you where you rank in the search engine, reports about how well your submission was completed.  Even a report to tell you why you are in position number x in the search engine and how to make improvements.

We keep track of each search engine, how to add the site, how to get the site ranked higher. We do it all for you automatically.  Why waste hours of time submitting your site when Dynamic Submission will do it in seconds?

Our software is the finest in the world but if you are still not convinced have a look at our testimonial page and see what our customers say. Download a trial version and test it out for yourself.  Not only do we give you a free trial, but if you purchase it, we are so sure it will do your website a world of good that we offer a 100% money back refund policy. If you don't like like the software we will refund you money in full for 30 days from the purchase date.

Have a look at all the features Dynamic Submission has to offer in its three different editions.  There is one to fit most everyone's need.  It's companion product Dynamic Web Ranking 4.0 is designed to enhance the built-in functions already available in Dynamic Submission.

There is a whole suite of software designed to work with Dynamic Submission. Please have a look at the Dynamic Promotion Suite.

Located in the United States, Dynamic Software can be reached at +1 908-298-1144. Real people answer the phone to help you.



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System Requirements:

PC Requirements
  • Pentium 150 or greater recommended)
  • Windows 9x, 2000 and NT, ME, XP
  • 32MB (32MB Recommended)
  • 28.8k + Internet Connection
  • 20MB free Hard Drive space

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  4. Simply the best web promotion software on the internet.

Our guarantee: All our software is backed by an unconditional 30 day guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our software for any reason, please contact us for a full refund.
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