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We are pleased that The United States of America Military Department of Defense selected and  uses Dynamic Submission to promote websites to inform the general public of matters of importance.


The Staff at Dynamic Software

This letter is to let you know how VERY pleased I have been over the years with your product. I have now been using Dynamic Submission in my business for several years and have seen some completely remarkable results. We started out as a small 3-person office with an idea, a mission, and a website. New to the website arena, but well aware of what it could do for us internationally, we broke down and spent the $99 fee to download your software (which then, to us, was a small fortune). We have used your product religiously to register our site on a regular basis to all the search engines and sites that are available by using your software.

Our site is currently viewed by over 50,000 visitors a month! We average between 5-10 leads for rentals and sales per day and approximately 10% of all those leads turn into sales -- some of whom have bought directly over the internet! We are also consistently named as one of the top three companies in our field. While I cannot say for certain that all these sales were a direct result of your software, I can assure you that the exposure we are receiving is absolutely a direct result of the capabilities that you have built into your product.

I must confess that you are my secret weapon and I don't want others locally to find out about you. (smile) But internationally, I do wish you tremendous success as you certainly have earned it in my book.

A good business consists of teamwork and you are clearly a member of ours! Thank you all.

Wayne Franklin
Tropicasa Realty

It doesn't matter if you are selling a product or service, in order to Explode your profit on the Internet, you HAVE TO:

  1. Drive NEW customers to your web site
  2. Stay in touch with customers, keep your customers coming back to buy from you

This is just what our products empower you to do!

The Dynamic Software product line has ALL of the most powerful web promotion and internet marketing weapons in the battle for your business today that will explode your profits on the internet. Our internet marketing promotion tools have been especially designed to help you drive more new customers to your web site for FREE and keep your existing customers coming back to buy from you.

Tech support is great, [al] live person answers, no automated services voice recog, etc... not long wait at all. reliable.

Marc Helfand [11/25/03]

[Dynamic Submission] It has been working great.  It has made it so much
easier to submit my website to the search engines.  It has been well worth the money.

Rick  [Wakely (Rick's Guns.com)] [10/28/03]

Thank you for the follow-up.  I purchased the Enterprise Edition of DS2000.
Your product is the best I've ever seen! [10/20/03]

William McGill (Billy)
Technology Manager, Logisol

last week I started to look at other submission programs including Submit Wolf, Add Ace, Traffic Master, Web Position Gold and Add Web Pro and to be honest I much preferred Dynamic Submission! Its less cluttered, easier to understand from the ground up without a manual an most of all the price was right! It was not too expensive compared to other enterprise editions, and for me who is just starting out in this field of web design and submissions this was an important factor.

Paul Haynes

Your software is great. I have tried various submission software that claim to be a lot more than they really are. Yours does the best job, and the price beats most of them out there. It is easy to use and does the job without all of the headaches and hassles.

Betty L. Hamann
Windtalkers Siberians

Here is the type of product support that we can usually only dream of. Absolutely exceptional !!. As we all know, contact with product support generally consists of unanswered eMails and interminable periods spent hanging on the phone listening to elevator music as stress levels go through the roof.
Want to see how it should be done ? The guys at Apex Pacific have it down pat. eMails are answered within 24 hours without exception and if the problem needs personal contact, they are on the phone to guide you through to a successful conclusion. They won't quit until you are happy.
Well done guys, you are a credit to the industry, keep up the great work.

Michael Harper
Terrigal NSW Australia

I have compared your software options against web position gold and submit wolf and think you have the best value.
Matthew J. Gwinner

Hello, the new version is gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much!

Dynamic Submission 2000 Enterprise and tech support has never let me down. They are always there to answer my questions with fast and dependable speed.

Gary Hamm

Excellent Submission Program, Tried others but your software beats them all. Leaves the competion behind. Thanks for a great program.


I've been waiting for a week or so for version 5 of DS2000 to be released, and now that it is. I am so impressed with the powerful features and speed of DS2000 and it is the BEST web promotion software I have ever seen. Thanks again for your Excellent software!

Craig S. Napier

What a great company you must be to have such prompt and patient customer support. I am definitely recommending you to all my friends and customers out there.

Thanks again

Thank you so much for all of your help. It worked! You have been absolutely fabulous at helping me get this software going. I cannot say enough as to how much I appreciate your promptness and helpfulness with answering all of my questions! If only all tech support for online assistance would follow your suit... Thanks Again!


I am very pleased with Dynamic Submission 2000 I sent the last message not five minutes before the first arrived. Again its a wondeful product and seems to be working great. Thank You!


Thanks for the speedy reply and again for the helpful program. That's why I keep recommending your software to others.


Stu Snyder
On Tap Software

Version 4 is Excellent! Congratulations and all the best

Sweet Memories

I must tell you that when I began the current project I spent a week evaluating web submission programs. Why would I spend so much time? Because I have been a computer consultant since 1983 and long experience has taught me that the right program makes all the difference in the world in getting the job done. After evaluating seven different programs --Dynamic Submission 2000 is at the top of the list for it's speed, reliability, and ease of use. Some of your competitors programs work so very poorly that if they gave them away I would not waste my time with them and even less my money.

Louis B
System Consultants
October 5, 1998

Your reply to my most recent email cleared up a lot. Thank you. The software does look wonderful-very easy to use, very efficient, and wow-gives a lot of wonderful opportunity to the user in terms of increasing effectiveness in marketing.

As a manager and businessman for many years, I must say that a responsive support/customer service team is one of the things that sets a company apart from the rest. Personally, I will not do business with a company that does not return emails, or who I have to constantly bug and follow up on just to get an answer to a simple question. You and your company obviously adhere to the same high standards that I do.

And thanks again.
SP Khalsa

I would like to thank you all at Dynamic Submission 2000 for a great product, and excellent personal service. I had some problems getting the new engines loaded, so I emailed your tech support. That next day was a helpful letter from David, which helped me load the engines. Because of your help I purchased your product and am now looking into more of your software. Once again, Thanks

Bryan Adams




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